Ph.D. University of Iowa; Comparative Literature, 1982

M.A. University of Iowa; Comparative Literature, 1978

M.L.S. University of Southern California, Library Science,1972

Diplôme Université de Caen, France; Etudes supérieures, 1968

B.A. Montclair State College, NJ; French/English; 1969


Rutgers University-Newark

Chair, English Department, 2010 – 2016

Acting Chair, English Department, Autumn 2007 

Director, Women's Studies Program, 1989-2002

Assistant Professor, Department of English, 1989-1994 

Associate Professor, 1994 – 2009

Professor, 2009 – 

Special Assistant to the Dean, 2001-2002

University of California, Santa Cruz

Visiting Associate Professor, Women's Studies, 1994-1995

Carnegie Mellon University 

Assistant Professor, Department of English/Literary and Cultural Theory Program, 1986-1989

Wesleyan University 

Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of English/Women's Studies, 1985-1986

Mellon Post-Doctoral Fellow, Center for the Humanities, 1984-1985

Miami University (Ohio)

Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of French and Italian, 1982-1984

University of Iowa

Instructor, Women's Studies Program, 1981,1982/Letters Program, 1980

Teaching Assistant, French and Italian, 1977, 1978, 1981

Teaching Assistant, English, 1978, 1981



An Afterlife, a novel set in the post-World War II years in a displaced persons (DP) camp in Germany and New Jersey; focuses on a couple who are Jewish concentration camp survivors remaking life and family (represented by Joelle Delbourgo Associates; publication date, October 1, 2018)

Kissing Cousins: A New Kinship Bestiary, 2008, Columbia University Press; addresses the contemporary arena of kinship across human-animal boundaries; ethics of care and negotiations of intimacy in film, literature and social life

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Feminist Utopias, University of Nebraska Press, 1989; utopian aspects of feminist fiction and theory; textual criticism of 10 French, Canadian and American novels


Women’s Studies Quarterly, special issue, Survival, co-editor with Elena Glasberg and Taylor Black, May 2016

Works in progress

Second Spring, a collection of poems

Boyhoods/Girlhood, a memoir

For the Love of Bach, a screenplay with Donna Bassin

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Stephen McNulty, “Viral Ethics:  Media, Loss, Ecology,” American Studies, Rutgers University-Newark (Chair), proposed defense, Spring 2017

Erica Tom, “Humanizing Horses, Animalizing Humans: Police and Prisoners Becoming With Horses,” American Studies, Rutgers University-Newark (Chair), proposed defense, Spring 2017

Julian Gil-Peterson, “Queer Theory is Kid Stuff:  A Genealogy of the Gay and Transgender Child, American Studies, Rutgers University-Newark (Chair), defended April 2015

Taylor Black, “Time Out of Mind:  Style and the Art of Becoming,” American Studies, Rutgers University-Newark (Chair), defended October 2014

Makiko Oku, “Shades of Life and Death: Biopolitics and Liminality of Sexuality and Gender-based Violence in Armed Conflict,” Global Affairs, Rutgers-Newark, defended September 2011

Kelly Coogan, “Feminist Scholarship: Excavating the Archive,” Women and Gender Studies, Rutgers-New Brunswick, defended September 2009

Eileen Harkness, “Era Bell Thompson: Chicago Renaissance Writer,” English, Rutgers-New Brunswick, defended March 2009

Melissa Jacques, “Tracing the Holocaust: Experiments in Late Twentieth-Century Art and Literature,” English, University of Edmonton, defended, November 2005

Nancy Gerber, “From Shadow to Substance: The Figure of the Mother-Artist in 20th Century American Fiction,”English, Rutgers-New Brunswick, defended September 1999

Ritashona Simpson, “Black Looks and Black Acts: Linguistic Choices in the Work of Toni Morrison,”English, Rutgers-New Brunswick, defended, April 1999

Jean Sieper, “The Scopic Economy of Biomedicine and the Social Relations of Health Care: Recovering Empathy with Medical Pathography ” English, Carnegie Mellon University (Chair), defended, September 1998

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